7 of The Best and Latest Technologies to Improve Your Health And Fitness

Technology improves our lives in countless ways, but one of the greatest benefits of tech is its power to improve your well-being. Whether you want to cultivate better sleep habits or work on losing weight, there is a tech resource to help you do so. These are seven of the most invaluable technologies that can empower you to take control of your health and improve it for the better.

Calorie Counter Apps

Calorie counter apps are one of the oldest yet most popular intersection between health and tech. Such apps are generally available for download on a smartphone, smartwatch, or computer. In addition to the obvious function of helping you track calories consumed, an app can help you accomplish the following:

  • Track other consumption metrics
  • Alert you when nearing daily limit
  • Help you set fitness and exercise goals

Whether you’re looking for a straightforward, simple app, or one that has more features, you’ll be able to find a calorie counter that meets your needs.

Heart Rate Monitors

Heart rate monitors are yet another valuable resource that allow you to gather metrics on your body’s performance. A heart rate monitor app can tell you what your maximum heart rate is, what your resting heart rate is, and what your heart rate is during and after exercise. These are all important numbers that can help you build up strength and improve your fitness.

Sleep Monitor

The time we spend sleeping is one of the most important parts of our day—or night, rather. Whether you want to improve your sleeping posture or work on your sleep breathing, a sleep monitor can help you measure certain metrics that characterize your sleep. Some applications can even use this data to suggest a plan of action for improving sleep habits. This makes a sleep monitor one of the best investments you can make for improving your overall health and wellness.

Smart Ropes

Jump ropes offer an excellent and fun form of exercise, but you don’t see too many adults skipping rope these days. Smart ropes may change that with high-tech capabilities that create an engaging workout. A smart rope can display exercise information such as calories burned as you exercise in real time, and connecting to an app can store this information for later analysis, too. Customized workouts can be developed to help users meet specific fitness goals.

Body Mass Index Measurer

If getting fit or losing weight is a priority for you, you will need to calculate your Body Mass Index, or BMI, at some point. This number is a measure of how much body fat you have in comparison to your height. Some handheld devices have hit the market and offer the ability to measure BMI utilizing electro frequencies. This information can be used in tangent with an app, too, so that you can track changes in your BMI as you get fit


Pain management has been getting increasingly high tech in recent years, and devices such as FireFly are furthering the frontier of this field. This device is a small band worn behind the knee, and it works by delivering electrical impulses to promote circulation and minimize swelling. Amateur fitness fanatics and professional athletes alike can take advantage of this device to control aches and pain.


Workouts require skill, especially if you are trying to learn a new sport or movement. The HaloSport device aims to simplify this learning process through neurostimulation technology. Wearing the Halo before a new physical activity promotes better control and activation of the muscles that are used in that activity. The device has been shown to improve users’ overall strength, endurance, and development of skill.