Technology Trends That Are Shaping the Fashion Industry

Fashion and tech are two of the most constantly evolving industries. When they collide, the result is innovation, inspiration, and improvements to the products that we use and wear everyday. Check out 3D printing, augmented reality, and six other top tech trends dominating the fashion world right now.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality might sound like the stuff of video games, but it’s actually at the forefront of fashion thanks to its ability to offer a virtual shopping experience. Online retailers want to give customers all the benefits of an in-store visit, and augmented reality features such as try-ons and visualization tools make it happen.

All-New Precious Metals

Technology is constantly enabling the pursuit of perfection, and some legacy watchmakers have leveraged this by introducing all-new precious metals to the luxury timepiece market. Hublot has created a so-called Magic Gold, which is the “first scratch-resistant 18-karat gold,” and Omega’s new Liquid metal is three times stronger than stainless steel.

Wearable Technology

Wearables are one of the most ubiquitous examples of the marriage between tech and fashion. These devices can be seen on nearly every wrist, it seems. Innovating new features such as health monitoring, GPS, and customized fitness tracking are just a few of the features that attract users. Fashion upgrades that precious metals, gemstones, and other flourishes have only furthered the trend.

High-Tech Fabrics

Natural and synthetic materials alike have been the subject of upgrades in recent years thanks to technology that has made fabric stronger and more comfortable for wearers. Other upgrades include features such as quick-drying, moisture-wicking, and temperature regulation. These high-tech features have made fabric the new frontier of fashion tech innovation.

Recycled Fibers

Sustainability is a topic of urgent concern in both the tech and fashion fields. Customers want to see more recycling from the companies they shop with, and they want reassurance that the products they buy are eco-friendly. Some brands have responded to the challenge by creating new fibers out of biodegradable materials. Upcycling items such as plastic bottles makes for sustainable and stylish solutions.

3D Printing and Lasers

More than ever, customers want the ability to customize their experience and the products they are buying. Technology such as 3D printing makes this accessible by empowering customers to design their product of choice and outsource Its creation to a brand that will then complete and create the design. Customers can enjoy the knowledge that they own a completely unique piece, and companies can minimize waste by only manufacturing products that customers request.

Smarter Inventory Management

Fashion isn’t only about style and trends. It is after all a commercial industry, and as such, there are logistics to be considered, too. One of these concerns is inventory management. With companies splitting sales between online and in-store shopping, accurately tracking stock is a challenge. High-tech tech may to the solution to this problem, by integrating eCommerce and in-person inventory systems.

Tech-Focused Sapphire Crystal

Smartwatches have quickly evolved to allow for contactless payments, a feature that put them at the cutting edge of both fashion and tech. The recent creation of smart payment tech embedded in a sapphire crystal put Winwatch on the map and confirmed that luxury watches are not mutually exclusive with high tech.