Top 5 Wearable Tech Trends

Nothing is dominating tech in like smartwatches and other wearable tech devices. If it seems like almost everybody has a fitness tracker strapped to their wrist, it’s because more than 500 million people used these devices this year. These top five tech trends put wearables at the top of everybody’s list and are sure to become trends in 2021, too.

Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers arguably started the wearables trend with the earliest models arriving on the scene in 2009. In the decade since, this technology has evolved to track far more than calories burned. Fitness trackers can now also track movement, sleep habits, heart rate, and even some medical conditions. Use a fitness tracker to develop an individualized exercise plan that’s suited to your unique needs.


Smartwatches are the natural evolution of fitness trackers, with most of the features of the aforementioned wearable, and the addition of features such as smartphone integration, GPS, messaging, and applications from developers such as Google. There are a range of smartwatches on the market, but most are designed for use with a smartphone so that calls and messages can be managed through the wearable device.

Smart Rings

Smart rings are micro-wearables that allow wearers to check messages and phone calls without the conspicuousness of glancing at a phone or smartwatch. These devices also often include features such as GPS, a panic button, and fitness-tracking information. Businessmen and others seeking a simple, easily concealed device will be drawn to smart rings.

Medical Wearables

There is a growing demand for a new type of wearable dedicated primarily to tracking the medical data of its wearer. Medical wearables are capable of capturing information that is highly accurate and useful for wearers who are monitoring specific medical conditions. These devices may also feature the ability to connect to a medical professional in response to certain readings.

Assault Protection Wearable

Whistles, pepper spray, and other various accessories have long been used to prevent assault. Of course, they are not always effective deterrents. The emergence of a new wearable technology allows wearers to emit a loud alarm in the event of an attack and alert authorities to their location. This can prevent assault and it can also be used as evidence if legal action proceeds.

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